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Specific Lien


Lien on a specific property.


There are various types of liens that apply to specific property owned by the debtor. A general lien, for example, applies to any and all properties associated with property owner, while a specific lien only applies to property already indicated by the debtor to use in the event of default.

In property law, a lien, is a claim or levy that is brought upon a property that will secure some sort of debt payment or fulfill some type of duty or commitment. In other words, a creditor has the right to retain control of a debtor’s possessions until the debt is paid off or met.

A specific lien is connected only to the property owners debt for the amount due for services that are provided or that are linked to the property itself. The services that could call for a specific lien would generally be in the realm of an amount that is due for any repairs or upgrades that are made to the property.

Types Of Liens

Tax Lien: Unpaid real estate taxes can call for a tax lien on a property which will be handed down from some form of government entity. Whether a city, town, or country all of these government organizations are able to hand down tax liens which are classified as involuntary and specific.

Mortgage Lien: When an individual takes out a loan or borrows money to buy property or piece of real estate, the lender of those funds is given a lien against the property that was purchased. A mortgage lender typically ensures that there are no other existing liens that may take precedence over theirs. A mortgage lien generally has a first mortgage lien which conveys that their lien has priority over junior liens, which are any other liens on the property that may exist. The lien is regarded as a specific, voluntary lien.

Mechanic’s Lien:  A Lien that is placed on an individual’s property for failing to compensate the workers who made any improvements or repairs.