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Right of Entry


The legal right of the landlord to enter a leased property in specific scenarios such as emergency and repairs.


A landlord has the right to enter a tenant occupied property under certain circumstances. Under the California Civil Code, the right of entry by a landlord is permitted if:

There is an emergency

If the landlord believes the tenant is in danger

If the landlord has vacated the property for a significant amount of time. This clause can only be applied in the event the landlord believes the property is permanently vacated.

A court order has been mandated

The landlord is trying to obtain financing thereby needing the premises for a property inspection, appraisal, or others

The landlord wants to show the property to potential buyers

The landlord wants a real estate professional to provide a quote for services (i.e. contractor, repairmen, etc.)

The landlord needs to make repairs. Before repairs are made the landlord must provide advance notice to the tenant of the arrival of a contractor or repair persons.

Unless the situation is an emergency the landlord must provide advance notice to the tenant of his or her entry to the premises.

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