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Parcel Map


Map that shows all boundaries of public and private land.


A parcel map helps the city and state keep track of individual parcels of real estate. The parcel map labels where a property begins and ends. It also provides accurate information to the public about real estate. By labeling each land, the government has the ability to accurately charge property taxes by having the accurate information regarding the size of a property.

There are various names to a parcel number that are used interchangeably. The various names include:

Assessor’s Identification Number

Property Identification Number

Property Account Number

Tax Account Number

Every parcel will have property boundaries included. The sub-divider will sign the application with the real estate commissioner indicating that the information is accurate to the best of his or her knowledge.

The subdivision map act establishes standard procedures relating to the sale of subdivided land. The act gives authority to local governments to make decisions regarding the design and improvement of common interest subdivisions and for subdivisions that require a tentative and final or parcel map.

Subdivision Map and Parcel Map

Tentative Map- The first draft of a parcel map is called the tentative subdivision map. First drafts are similar to rough drafts and are in no way indicative of the final map. Although the map in no way is considered the final copy, the tentative map should include the following:

Legal description of property (i.e. property’s boundaries begin and end)

Streets which run through, counter, parallel, perpendicular of property

Existing drainage, sewer and utility areas

Proposed changes to the drainage, sewer and utility areas

Proposed property use

Water source

The sub-divider must divide the land based on the standards set forth by the city. When subdividing large land that runs through multiple streets, the sub-divider will usually make changes to the streets to allow for easy access to and from the property.

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