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Office of Real Estate Appraisers


The Office of Real Estate Appraisers is responsible for licensing property appraisers and appraisal enterprises in the state of California. The Office of Real Estate Appraisers also determines standards for the ongoing education of property appraisers and records and responds to consumer grievances about appraisers.


The OREA provides individuals with the resources needed to become a licensed property appraiser in California. The office informs applicants about the amount of education needed to be licensed and connects applicants with providers that offer the obligatory courses. An appraiser can attain different levels of certification depending on his or her experience and knowledge.

Applicants qualify for a Trainee License, which allows appraisers to value real estate while being supervised by a more experienced appraiser, after 150 course hours. The required number of course hours and work hours increases until the appraiser receives the ultimate certification, Certified General. To attain this license, appraisers must have completed 300 course hours and at least 3,000 hours on the job.