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Negative Declaration


Declaration ensuring the development of a project will have no adverse effects on the environment.


A negative declaration affirms that a proposed project will do no substantial harm to the environment. If the public offers no opposition or further concern, the agency adopts the document and gives the company permission to develop its project as proposed.

In instances where there is a possibility that subdivided land may pose a risk to the environment, it is recommended that prior to a tentative map being created, an environmental impact report is to be drafted. If it is believed that there is not a significant risk caused from the subdivision of land, the local government may issue a negative declaration.

A negative declaration in the case of a subdivision of land is a statement indicating that the local government does not believe that there will be a significant risk to the environment as a result of the subdivision of land. If the government issues a negative declaration, an environmental impact report may not be necessary; however, the presence of one drastically reduces the possibility of a denial.

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