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Housing Finance Board


A government agency tasked with overseeing savings and loan associations.


The agency was founded in 1989 as a result of the disastrous savings and loan crisis of the late 1980′. One of the primary purposes of the established Federal Housing Finance Board was to regulate, analyze, and keep track of the Federal Home Loan Banks’ business dealings. In 2008, however, the Federal Housing Agency replaced the Federal Housing Finance Board during the recession and mortgage collapse.

History & Timeline

The Federal Home Loan Banks  are private owned agency/organizations sponsored by the government. The enterprise consists of 11 banks. These banks were designed to provide the necessary and required funds sought by lenders, who would then finance loans when directly with homebuyers property owners with existing mortgages. The banks are spread out and based in 11 different cities all across the nation.

Atlanta, Georgia

Boston, Massachusetts

Chicago, Illinois

Cincinnati, Ohio

Dallas, Texas

Des Moines, Iowa

Indianapolis, Indiana

New York City, New York

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

San Francisco, California

Topeka, Kansas

End of an era 1990-2009

After nearly 20 years, the Federal Housing Finance Board agency was permanently removed after the signing and passage of the Housing & Economic Recovery Act in 2008. This marked the end of an era for this board whose actions did not prevent mortgage loss. The lack of results and the mortgage collapse was a great reason for their removal as a government agency.

The Federal Housing finance Agency replaced and was put in place of the Federal Housing Finance Board in order to form a new independent identity, a fresh start, and better trust between government and its citizens. The federal housing finance board and its failed mistakes led to creation of a stronger and better managed economic government agency.