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Grantor-grantee Index


Term used to describe the list of real property transfers of parties transferring real property.


A grantor-grantee index is a compilation of two separate indexes that state all property transfers which is listed alphabetically in the order of the surname of the individuals buying, selling, or transferring property.

The grantor index highlights the parties that have transferred or sold properties.

The county recorder’s office is responsible for keeping track of all properties bought and sold, including the names of the grantors and grantees.

Both the grantor and the grantee index, include the address, date of sale or transfer corresponding with the last name of the party that has either bought, sold, or transferred property.

Parties who wish to locate the history of a property can go to the county recorder’s office to obtain information, regarding a specific property that was bought, sold, or transferred. Each index has a volume and page number which states the history of the property.

Most counties have transferred old paper back indexes into online versions in order to make it easier for consumers to track the history of a property.