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Horizontal support beam used to strengthen the structure.


The purpose of the girder is to absorb the heavy loads of buildings or other structures such as a bridge or road. In many ways, a girder has the same function as a very large beam. It absorbs heavy weight loads by placing the loads onto the most structurally sound portion of a building. There are various types and shapes of girders, the most common being an I or T shape girder.

Girders typically consist of an I-beam that conjoins with a double loaded bearing flange. This is divided by a stabilizing web which most often is utilized in order for there to be support for the construction of bridges.

Compared with other major Girders

Box Girder- A beam consisting of a rectangular cross section that has more than one component.

Plate Girder– A beam convened from plates made of metal or steel which are locked together in order to maintain and carry the parallel surface of a bridge.

Warren Girder– A truss which is composed of both lower as well as upper members conjoined with members that adapt in a structural chain of Isosceles triangles.