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Fructus Naturales


Crops grown through the natural acts of nature without human intervention.


Crops that require labor to grow are called fructus industriales, while naturally growing plant growth is referred to as fructus naturales.

Fructus Naturales is considered perdurable when referring to this particular area of planting.

The term is also generally regarded as real property, where as fructus industriales is known as personal property.

Example of Fructus Naturales:

A gentleman by the name of Rick owns a large grape vine and decides to sell the grapes to Michael. The grapes would then on belong to Michael and would be considered his personal property. Rick, nevertheless, still owns the rights to the land and the vines.

The following are some of the key specific types of Fructus Naturales:



Fruit trees


The main difference between the two is Fructus Industriales is artificial agricultural growing while Fructus Naturales is natural.