Export Prices

Due to population, natural demand and inflation, property values will always rise over a period of time. Investing in a property is the safest, most reliable investment one can ever make as well as best way to grow your net worth.

Annual inflation rates in the US have skyrocketed to 8.50% as of March 2022. This is the highest they have been since December of 1981 from 7.9% in February and compared with market forecasts of 8.4%. Prices of goods and services from all industries have continued to rise with energy prices increasing 32%. See the information below to learn more about how inflation has risen over the years and how it can impact your financial well-being.

Year Export Prices Rate
2018 126.000 Points
2019 124.000 Points
2020 125.000 Points
2021 131.000 Points
2022 160.300 Points
LastUnitReference Date
Inflation Rate8.30PercentApril 2022
Energy Inflation30.27PercentApril 2022
Food Inflation9.40PercentApril 2022
Rent Inflation5.14PercentApril 2022
Services Inflation5.37PercentApril 2022
Import Prices146.80PointsApril 2022
Export Prices160.30PointsApril 2022